Our mission is to provide space and programming for the members of our
higher-needs community, and assist with their growth as individuals. 

We ensure a safe, fun, interactive, and comfortable environment for guests and staff alike. 

Jason's Wheelhouse is where individual needs are always valued. 

Jason’s Wheelhouse is a Not-for-Profit Corporation designed to be an inclusive and barrier-free environment where our guests have the space to grow and the freedom to be themselves. 

We ensure everyone feels welcome, and has the same opportunities that all youth have. We offer a fun, safe, and interactive space for youth and adults.

Our goal is life enhancement, for both our guests and their caregivers. We pride ourselves in expanding on the gifts and talents of each of our guests.

The word “Wheelhouse” has 3 definitions:

1) The shelter covering the Captain at the wheel of a ship

2) A place or centre of control or leadership.

3) A specific area that matches a person’s skills or expertise.

The concept for Jason’s Wheelhouse arose from Janice's experiences' with her son, Jason. He is 20 years old, non-verbal, has autism, and like many other children like him, has a long list of conditions and diagnoses. Some of his challenges include, but are not limited to:

➢ Inability or severe limits in communication (both spoken and understood)

.➢ Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

➢ Seasonal Affective Disorder

➢ Hyper-sensitivity to noise or crowds

➢ Aggression

➢ Self-Injurious behaviours

➢ Fear and Anxiety

➢ PICA (eating of non-food objects)

Jason's Wheelhouse was created with these considerations in mind, and each guest that is referred to our organization is provided with a holistic, individualized intake assessment in order to design a recreational care plan that builds on each individual's needs, strengths, goals and interests.

This is why our facility is named Jason's Wheelhouse; he is the true expert in this field.

Our Story




As Executive Director, Janice is currently responsible for the Project Plan and Start-Up of Jason’s Wheelhouse. Janice’s main responsibility will be the safety and welfare of all Guests and Staff.

Drawing on her 24 years of experience in the industry, coupled with 20 years of being Mom to Jason, Janice manages the Intake & Programming of Guests, partnered with the professionals already involved. Janice is also responsible for oversight of the day-to-day operations.